NASA’s closest Sun probe flyby gave scientists ‘mind-blowing’ results – TweakTown

NASA’s closest Sun probe flyby gave scientists ‘mind-blowing’ results – TweakTown

NASA has got the results back from their Parker Solar Probe flyby, and they have shined a new light on how space weather works.

Surprisingly, the results contradicted some expectations that scientists had regarding how solar winds behave. According to the results, there are flips in the Sun’s magnetic field direction called “switchbacks“, which can sometimes even point the winds back at the Sun. At the moment, the cause of these “switchbacks” is still unknown to scientists, but through the understanding of them, we could learn a deeper understanding of how stars are born.

Scientists were again shocked at the discovery of solar winds traveling at speeds that are “nearly ten times larger than predicted by the standard models“, said Justin Kasper, principal investigator at the University of Michigan. Scientists also discovered that the Sun’s radiation vaporizes dust particles at about 3.5 million miles around itself. The Parker Probe is at the moment suffering in terribly hot conditions, but scientists say the information that it is providing them is revolutionary.

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