Mustang vs. NSX: Shelby GT500 continues its drag strip dominance

Mustang vs. NSX: Shelby GT500 continues its drag strip dominance

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The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is no slouch at the drag strip. Despite being built primarily to tackle road courses, it has no trouble defeating its competitors in a straight line, as we’ve seen multiple times in the past.

If any new car could beat the Shelby, though, it’s the Acura NSX. With all-wheel-drive grip, a lightweight body, and instant hybrid torque, it has everything it needs to get the jump off the line. But judging by this latest drag strip video, it’s not enough.

The Vehicle Virgins YouTube channel was on the scene during a drag night at Palm Beach International Raceway, and filmed a new GT500 and an Acura NSX going head-to-head in the quarter mile. Both cars get a good start, but it’s the Shelby that comes out on top, beating the Acura by just over a tenth of a second and one mph.

© Vehicle Virgins – YouTube Ford’s 760-horsepower Mustang is a monster in a straight line.

It’s worth noting the video says this GT500 is modified, but there’s no mention of what (if anything) has been upgraded. It looks to be the same car we saw go up against a Tesla Model S Performance in a recent DragTimes video. In that video, the car was claimed to be unmodified, with factory tires.

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