More than 30 vintage Jaguars are a ‘greenhouse find’

More than 30 vintage Jaguars are a ‘greenhouse find’

They’ve gone to seed, but ‘all will see the road again’

A long, long time ago, some unnamed person realized that storing motorized precious metals in a barn would eventually be passé. This visionary hoarder decided, instead, to collect an assemblage of more than 30 vintage Jaguars in a greenhouse in Beaulieu, England. To passers-by, it would look like someone was tending a crop of blue tarps. To us, thanks to Beaulieu Garage, it looks not like a barn find but rather the first “greenhouse find.”

The classic car restoration shop wrote in a Facebook post, “we were asked to help clear a private collection of cars,” and when Beaulieu Garage saw the array, “An offer was made,” and now it has a whole lot of rusted metal looking for good homes. It took a week to get everything out, and the shop said the “parts alone have taken up 12 storage racks, with engines and gearboxes included.”

While a barn isn’t the best place to park a car for decades, a greenhouse is arguably worse. The glass house is a combination of maximum UV levels and rain forest humidity, the ambient moisture free to rust and rot everything the sun can’t kill. And early Jaguars aren’t known for robust defenses against the elements.

Most of the cars are E-Types, many of those the early and more elegant 1960s models. Among the trove are some cars that “you could probably get running in a couple of days,” but the photos show there are plenty of long-term projects that rate effort comparable to The Pacific Campaign. Incredibly, Beaulieu Garage is confident that “All will see the road again,” assuming the worst problem children can find empathetic buyers.

The first salable car has been listed, a left-hand drive, 1960 XK150 3.8-Liter Drophead Coupe with matching numbers that was originally sent to New York. This is said to be the last XK150 the factory painted a cream color, and the fourth-last XK150 ever built. Scraps of the red leather interior remain, the sand colored top looks to be in the same condition. After eight years in the greenhouse, Beaulieu Garage charmingly describes the XK’s previous digs as “Dry Stored in the UK.” The convertible comes with a heritage certificate, and will cost £40,000 ($52,654 U.S.) to trailer home.

A Facebook post from today says the shop will get parts lists and pricing up shortly, so stay tuned if you have a lot of time and money you need to find occupations for.

More than 30 vintage Jaguars are a ‘greenhouse find’ originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 5 Dec 2019

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