Miley Cyrus Kisses Cody Simpson & Shares A Clip Of His New Song: ‘Drop It Baby’

Miley Cyrus Kisses Cody Simpson & Shares A Clip Of His New Song: ‘Drop It Baby’

Soup served as an ‘aphrodisiac’ for Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, because it led to a steamy kiss over the dinner table! Miley also updated her Instagram Story with a sneak peek of her beau’s new song.

Miley Cyrus‘ Instagram Story was full of shout-outs to her new beau, Cody Simpson, 22, on Oct. 14. The PDA montage started off with a photo of the 26-year-old singer kissing the Aussie cutie over a dinner table, set with two bowls of soup. Apparently, the broth put Miley and Cody in the mood! “Soup is an aphrodisiac,” Miley captioned the intimate photo.

Next up was a mirror selfie of the lovers, in which Miley had her arm wrapped around the photographer — Cody, that is. She decorated the cuddly photo with a black heart emoji that hovered over their heads. And then, finally, we moved onto the main portion of this sweet Instagram Story roundup — a snippet of Cody’s highly-anticipated track!

Miley posted two audio clips from a file named “GOLDEN THING” — presumably, the title of Cody’s upcoming song — in which he sings, “Crystal dream, Cali queen / Radiant hand, vibrant sand / I’m shot, it’s a golden thing she’s got.” In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, Cody revealed that he’s dropping a song about his new romantic muse on Friday, Oct. 18! “I wrote her [Miley] a song this week and she’s pretty much forcing me to put it out,” Cody told us at Tiffany & Co. Men’s Launch Event in Los Angeles on Oct. 11. He wasn’t kidding — Miley captioned the sneak peek clips, “DROP .IT.BABY.” Again, the black heart emoji made an appearance.

Cody penned the song while Miley was sick with tonsillitis in early October, which he also revealed to HollywoodLife. The couple hasn’t bothered to make their romance a secret, ever since they were filmed making out at an acai bowl shop in Los Angeles on Oct. 3. In addition to Cody confirming that he is “not single” and is “very, very happy” in his interview with HollywoodLife, he and Miley haven’t been afraid to show off their PDA online. They touched tongues while cuddling in bed, as seen in a video that Cody posted to Instagram on Oct. 13 — on top of that, Miley affectionately called the Australian singer her “Boo thang” in his comments section on Oct. 12. We sure do love a classic friends-turning-into-lovers scenario.

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