‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Preview: CeeLo & Fiancee Shani Shock Each Other In Electric Chairs

‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Preview: CeeLo & Fiancee Shani Shock Each Other In Electric Chairs

The Feb. 27 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’ is going to get pretty intense, as this new EXCLUSIVE sneak peek shows CeeLo and his fiancée going back and forth in an electric chair.

The Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition couples will reveal shocking and painful truths about themselves during the Feb. 27 episode. In an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at this week’s episode, we see CeeLo Green and his fiancee, Shani, going back and forth in two different electric chairs, while willingly shocking each other. “It hurts when you make me feel like being me is a f***ed up thing to be,” Shani tells CeeLo in the clip above, before shocking him with a jolt of electricity.

“That shock underneath your arm — the same one that I’m done getting hit with, whatever you feel — is necessary. That’s an incentive that’s going to compel us closer to the truth,” he replies. Then, she shocks him again, and he screams, “Damn it!”

“Well, talk clear,” she says. Then, in her private confessional, she says, “I think it’s hard for CeeLo to be direct when he speaks to me, but by not being blunt, it actually comes off to me like he’s not being honest in that moment.”

Back at the activity, CeeLo tells Shani, “I don’t think you’re as perfect as you think you are.” And she zaps him again. “I don’t think I’m perfect,” she says before zapping him yet again.

He continues, “I think you’re deflecting something that you want to accomplish and get done onto me, but you should be doing it onto you.” She then zaps him AGAIN, before he yells, “Ah s***,” and defends himself by saying, “I was saying some good s***.” Want to see more? Watch the video above!

New episodes of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition air Thursdays at 10pm on WE tv.

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