LeBron James spares Knicks more David Fizdale firing abuse

LOS ANGELES — For a change, LeBron James laid off the Knicks’ front office.

Several hours after Clippers coach Doc Rivers ripped the Knicks brass at Staples Center for their handling of fired coach David Fizdale, James was posed the same question in the arena late Sunday night following the Lakers’ 106-99 victory over the Pistons.

James, who takes on the Knicks on Tuesday night at the Staples Center, has lauded Fizdale in the past for their time together in Miami when Fizdale was an assistant coach. But considering the venom coming from elite coaches about the firing, James’ response was tame by comparison, and he said he hasn’t spoken to the former Knicks coach yet.

“I haven’t had too much of a reaction,” James told reporters after the Lakers played the back end of a Staples Center doubleheader on Sunday. “The conversation was talked about for quite a while. I knew Coach Fiz is a great coach, great communicator — just trying to motivate his players. I wish him the best. That’s all that matters.”

Earlier in the day, Rivers, joining a list of angry coaches, lambasted the Knicks front office for staging an ill-advised post-game press conference on Nov. 10 that essentially put Fizdale on notice. He was fired 12 games later with the club at 4-18.

“That was bad,” Rivers said. “We all know it. Coaching is hard enough. It’s a hard job.”

Rivers added he hoped interim coach Mike Miller received support from the front office that Fizdale didn’t.

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