Jessie J Shares Rare Selfie With Channing Tatum & Gushes That He’s A ‘Cuddle Machine’

Jessie J Shares Rare Selfie With Channing Tatum & Gushes That He’s A ‘Cuddle Machine’

Jessie J’s missing her man, and she doesn’t care who knows it. The singer posted the sweetest selfie starring BF Channing Tatum, whom she calls her ‘cuddle machine.’

Folks, it’s official: love is real. Jessie J hopped on Instagram on October 9 to share an adorable vacation selfie featuring her boyfriend, Channing Tatum, and she didn’t shy away from telling fans about their favorite activity. Get your heads out of the gutter — it’s cuddling! “The Price Tag” singer, 30, is apparently on the road performing, so she posted a rare tribute to her man on her Instagram story, captioned “missing this cuddle machine.” This glimpse into her life with Channing, her boyfriend of a year and a half, is a rarity. Though they’re all about each other, she hasn’t posted any pics of him directly to her Instagram grid. Stories only, fans! You can see the sweet selfie, posted by Jessie, below. Unfortunately, we won’t get to see a cute (or NSFW) response to the post from Channing.

The Magic Mike XXL star, 39, deleted his Instagram account in September, claiming that using the app was blocking his creativity. “I’ve been trying to get inspired and create again,” he wrote in a letter to fans. “And to be honest I don’t really feel, or at least I haven’t felt very creative on social in the last couple of years now.” Even if he doesn’t feel it, Channing’s definitely been creative on Instagram. Think of the racy comments he continuously left on his lady’s pics! Jessie posted an ultra-sexy pic showing herself in a totally sheer dress that revealed her thong, back in May. She said in the caption on the since-deleted pic that she was actually really stressed out and needed a snack. Channing commented, “Can i be the snack?” Damn!

Though she and Channing are currently apart, he’s definitely on Jessie’s mind day and night. Jessie debuted a new love song, “Rose Challenge (Interlude)”, during a September 22 show in Los Angeles, and it’s clear that Channing  inspired the lyrics. Just peep these: “Where you go I know I’ll want to follow, let’s make a promise on the day / Take it slow, baby steps so we don’t ruin what comes next”. You know, this came three days before Channing deleted his Insta account. Maybe he thought he couldn’t compete!


Now, could Jessie please post more cute couple photos on her account? We’re dying over here!

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