Jenn Champion – “Turn Up the Radio” (Feat. Victor Le Masne)

Jenn Champion – “Turn Up the Radio” (Feat. Victor Le Masne)

Seattle singer-songwriter Jenn Champion dropped Single Rider last year. It was her first album under her own name, but in a sense it was the follow-up to 2014’s excellent and underrated Cool Choices, which she released under the hard-to-Google moniker S.

With Single Rider, the former Carissa’s Wierd member decisively pivoted to a more sparkly pop sound. Last month, she continued down that path by collaborating with producer Lusine on “Not Alone.” Now she’s teaming up with French producer Victor le Masne of Housse de Racket on a new track called “Turn Up The Radio.”

This song has an undeniable ’80s intonation. Airy layered vocals in the chorus create a wistful feeling that’s amplified by the mere mention of the radio in the streaming era. It’s not superficially sad, and between the beat machine and twinkling synths, there’s a glimmer of the joy brought to heartbreak effectuated like Carly Rae Jepson.

Listen to “Turn Up The Radio” below.

“Turn Up The Radio” is out now on Hardly Art.

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