Jana Duggar busted for hilarious Photoshop fail on Instagram

A member of one of America’s most sanctimonious and highly-rated families, Jana Duggar, is being slammed for “slut-shaming” two unsuspecting women who happened to appear on “Counting On” star’s Instagram.

The photo in question features the 29-year-old member of TLC’s sprawling clan of devout Baptists at the Tonitown Grape Festival in Arkansas. She’s pictured wearing a casual, knee-length dress and a sweater while holding a carton of grapes in front of a Ferris wheel. Behind her are two women, both of which seem to be wearing similarly knee-length garments. Nothing unusual — just a few modestly dressed women at a carnival.

However, many eagle-eyed followers are calling out the reality star for the seemingly Photoshopped skirts on the women behind her, making them appear longer than they were in reality. It’s hard to catch in the post, but critics say zooming-in makes the fake more apparent.

“If Jana doesn’t want to share a photo that shows people whom she considers to be dressed immodestly then that’s absolutely fine, it is her page and she is allowed to share what she sees fit, but what is not acceptable is imposing her own personal standards on other people without their consent by editing their appearance in such a way,” one commenter posted. “The Duggars expect to have their beliefs and standards respected, to not extend the same basic courtesy to other people is hypocritical to say the least.”

Insinuating the Duggar daughter’s insistence on full coverage clothing is religious extremist-level, one commented even quipped, “Y’all-Qaeda.”

And talk about Photoshop fails: One follower pointed out that another person, partially obscured by Duggar herself, is actually throwing up the middle finger behind her.

“You do realize there’s a boy in the background lifting his shirt and flicking you off right??” they wrote. “I guess u were too occupied with covering the girls thighs [you] didn’t notice…. How sad”

Some fans came to her defense, arguing that Duggar was just trying to protect her younger brothers from sinful thoughts.

“If I had to guess, I would assume she did it for the benefit of her younger brothers who may follow her,” the follower figured. “Not as a sign of disrespect to the women (whose faces you can’t even see). I honestly don’t understand the outrage.”

Another accused haters of trolling her social media feeds “for the purpose of looking for something to be mad at.”

They continued, “They were obviously scouring the photo, searching to find something to be upset about. I can’t imagine being that negative, to go looking for things to be offended by. That kind of misery must be awful.”

Despite the Duggar clan’s well-documented hypocrisy, fans continued to praise the “decently clothed and lovely young lady.” Another added, “My favorite Duggar without a doubt.”

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