J.Lo & A-Rod Gush Over How They ‘Complete’ Each Other’: We Have What The Other Is ‘Missing’

J.Lo & A-Rod Gush Over How They ‘Complete’ Each Other’: We Have What The Other Is ‘Missing’

Just when we thought J. Lo & A-Rod couldn’t get any cuter, they gushed about their admiration for one another in a heart-melting new interview.

Hollywood’s favorite power couple, Jennifer Lopez, 49, and Alex Rodriguez, 43, just keep getting cuter with each passing day! The happy couple sat down with Sports Illustrated for a new interview, and their words will melt your heart. According to J. Lo, her former MLB player fiancé quite literally completes her. “I’ve been in the public eye, I’ve navigated the media in a certain way, I’m creative and artistic and have all these skill sets,” she says in the chat. “He’s a business-minded guy who knows math and numbers and money and equity and all that stuff—like, EBITDA, right? What I was missing, he kind of had. And what he was missing, I had,” she sweetly said.

The “Medicine” singer went on to say how quickly Alex successfully courted her with his charm. “You could have smiled, once,” she said when speaking to Alex during the interview. “You’re silly, you’re funny; I know that now,” she added, when reflecting on one of their earliest dates. “I realized afterwards he was a little nervous, saying all this stuff you would never say on a first date,” she recalled.

The profile piece largely centered around Alex, who also raved about his partner. “She knows how to communicate to the masses in ways I never will,” he told the publication. “She has this platform that’s just ginormous, like 200 million on social, over 75% of them millennials. She just sees it. She helps me out all the time when I’m trying to land a point on something. She’s just a wordsmith.”

If these two seem like they were meant to be together, well it’s because Alex may have just manifested their romance years ago! Fans recently lost it went an old video of A-Rod from 1998 resurfaced and showed him admitting that his “dream date” would be with none other than his current fiancée! How’s that for a twist of fate?

Jennifer and Alex got engaged in March of 2019. The singer shared the amazing news on her Instagram on Mar. 9 by posting a pic of her enormous engagement ring. Apparently, they’re still in the midst of post-engagement bliss!

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