HP’s new ultrawide monitor can show two device’s screens at once – Engadget

HP’s new ultrawide monitor can show two device’s screens at once – Engadget

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In addition to a super light laptop, HP also unveiled an intriguing new ultrawide curved monitor today. Creatively named S430c, the 43.4-inch screen isn’t the sharpest or most attractive external display I’ve seen, but it has some compelling features. You can hook up two devices to the S430c at once (via USB-C) and power both their screens side by side, so it’s like you have two 24-inch monitors in one. Not only that, thanks to the display’s processor and software called HP DeviceBridge, you can also transfer files between the two machines by drag and drop.

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The files will be sent to the respective devices via their USB-C connections to the display, which runs at a 4K (3,840 x 1,200) resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate. It can display up to 99 percent of the sRGB color spectrum, and reaches a brightness of 350 nits. There’s also an anti-glare finish that makes the screen easier to look at under harsh lights.

The S430c also comes with a pop-up IR camera that enables Windows Hello logins, as well as two USB C and four USB A ports. There’s also an HDMI socket, DisplayPort and an audio jack. Like most modern displays, the S430c can be tilted at a variety of angles, specifically between -5 and 20 degrees.

What truly stands out about the S430c is the file transfer tool and its ability to drive two devices at once, as long as they’re running Windows, MacOS, Linux or Android. Sounds like support for iOS isn’t available, and neither is the display compliant with HDR. If your workspace often requires you to work on two machines at once and this sounds like a compelling way to manage them from one place, you can get the S430c for $999 from November 4th.

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