Highest-paid player on every NFL team

Highest-paid player on every NFL team

NFL contracts are incredibly complicated. The league’s collective bargaining agreement is a 316-page brick of a legal document that deals with painfully complex concepts such as nonexclusive franchise tags, dead money, salary caps, nontrade clauses and cap hits. A player can earn a six-figure base salary — the 2019 league minimum for a rookie is $495,000 — but finish the year with tens of millions of dollars in earnings.

That’s because professional football contracts include a web of financial incentives such as signing bonuses, roster bonuses, workout bonuses and reporting bonuses. The only sure way to tell what a player makes in a given year is to look at his yearly cash earnings, which can vary wildly from one year to the next depending on how the player’s contract is structured. Here’s a look at the highest-earning player on all 32 NFL teams in terms of 2019 yearly cash earnings.

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