Here’s What Reconstruction After the Wakandan Civil War Would Have Looked Like

Here’s What Reconstruction After the Wakandan Civil War Would Have Looked Like

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Picking up the pieces.

While the country itself was not substantially damaged, its institutions and security forces were badly divided. A comprehensive, cross-sectoral effort addressing these concerns was required to ensure stability.

In 2016, there was a coup d’état in Wakanda. Using a combination of foreign training and racialist rhetoric, Erik Stevens overthrew the T’Challa administration. Although his regime was destroyed a few days later by T’Challa at the Battle of Mount Bashenga, there was a need to rebuild the state. While not an unmitigated success, the reconstruction effort provides a number of useful insights.


Before turning to different sectors, it is important to consider the situation faced by T’Challa and his administration. Firstly, even before the coup, he was new to the throne. Though a fearsome warrior, it is unclear what political experience or broad-based legitimacy he had. Moreover, his failure to secure the capture of Ulysses Klaue – a Bin Laden-esque figure in Wakanda – further undermined his legitimacy.

This article by Matthew Ader originally appeared on The Angry Staff Officer in 2019.

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