Hemlock Ernst & Kenny Segal – “Down”

Hemlock Ernst & Kenny Segal – “Down”

Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring has a rap alias known as Hemlock Ernst. He’s been featured on a few songs throughout the years, and next month he’s releasing a full-length project with Kenny Segal, the producer behind Hiding Places, a collaboration with Billy Woods that ranks among our best albums of the year so far.

Herring and Segal first linked up on the Milo track “Souvenir,” which appeared on his 2015 album So The Flies Don’t Come, and their new album is coming out on Milo’s label Ruby Yacht. That album is called Back At The House, and the two of them put it together in Los Angeles after they met in-person at a Milo show in Baltimore in 2016 and hit it off. Here’s what Segal said about their collaboration:

Me and Sam just had a moment where we clicked and I started sending him beats and around that period (2016) he started recording some demos that went on to become the backbone of this project.

Whenever he was in LA we would hang and record and we probably did 6-7 songs during that initial period. Then life got in the way, as life tends to do, he had a new Future Islands project that they were touring for… I was working with [Ruby Yacht] and Billy Woods and others, and the project laid dormant through 2017.”

Listen to the project’s first single, “Down,” below.

01 “North To South”
02 “Messy”
03 “Bless The Fire”
04 “Slabs Of The Sunburnt West”
05 “Addicted Youth”
06 “Down”
07 “The One”
08 “Jargonne”
09 “Stone Soup”
10 “Back At The House”
11 “Less Unsettled”

Back At The House is out 10/25 via Ruby Yacht.

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