Heckler & Koch Guns: The 5 Best on the Planet

Heckler & Koch Guns: The 5 Best on the Planet

Kyle Mizokami

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Here they are.

Like an increasing number of contemporary handguns, the VP has a modular ergonomic system that allows the backstrap and grip panels to be swapped out. The result is a handgun that can be tailored for smaller or larger hands, with a total of twenty-seven possible ergonomic configurations. The VP stores fifteen rounds of 9mm ammunition in a double stack magazine.

One of the most prolific gun sellers in the United States is Germany’s Heckler & Koch. The company, started in the wake of World War II by former Mauser engineers Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch and Alex Seidel, was propelled to worldwide prominence with the adoption of the G3 as the official rifle of the West German Army. Since then, the company has expanded to everything from pistols to grenade launchers, and is a major outfitter of NATO armies—including the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps.

G3 Battle Rifle

The Gewehr-3, or G3, was a battle rifle based on the Spanish CETME, which in turn was based on a wartime German rifle design. Adopted by the West German military in 1959, the G3 uses a delayed blowback operating system. The rifle was made from sheet metal stampings, with plastic handguard, pistol grip, and shoulder stock to help reduce weight. The G3 could fire rifle grenades from the muzzle and a standard magazine held twenty rounds of 7.62mm ammunition. The rifle uses the now-classic Heckler & Koch front post sight protected by a metal circle and range-adjustable rear sights. The G3 had a cyclic rate of fire of 550 rounds per minute. The rifle was was widely exported abroad, with notable clients being Norway, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia, and to the Third World, particularly Africa.

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