Guns That’ll Fire Back: 5 Most Dangerous Guns (For the Shooter)

Guns That’ll Fire Back: 5 Most Dangerous Guns (For the Shooter)

Charlie Gao


A list of the five most dangerous guns a shooter can hold.

Key Point: None of these guns were developed with safety in mind.

Almost every gun is designed to be safe as possible for the shooter. Countless mechanisms have been designed to facilitate this and prevent the gun from firing when the shooter does not intend it to. However, in some guns, these safeties simply do not work, due to poor or thoughtless design. Other guns might fire when the trigger is pulled but could be dangerous due to parts or gasses being expelled rapidly towards the shooter. Here are the some of the most dangerous guns for the shooter.

Taurus PT 24/7

In theory, the Taurus PT 24/7 should be a very safe pistol. In addition to the manual external safety lever, the PT 24/7 includes a “gun locking” safety, a firing pin block, and a transfer bar safety all to prevent accidental firing and to make the pistol drop safe. Unfortunately, almost none of these features work. Certain PT 24/7s that were issued to the Brazilian Police were found to fire without the trigger being pulled, resulting in a mass recall. Later on, the PT 24/7 was included in a class action lawsuit that noted that the pistol could be fired by pulling the trigger with the safety on, or when dropped. Probably due to the terrible reputation of this pistol, Taurus no longer manufactures it.

Sten Gun

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