‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Jo Makes A Devastating Confession About Alex

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Jo Makes A Devastating Confession About Alex

The Seattle blizzard during the Feb. 27 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ led to shocking confessions, one doctor nearly losing his hands, and more.

A blizzard has hit Seattle and it’s relentless. Hayes is need of a liver and DeLuca offers to go out in the snow — even with people freezing to death. Meredith doesn’t think DeLuca is thinking about this clearly. DeLuca thinks Hayes is being the irrational one for even asking and gripes to Meredith about her “acting like your dad” comment. Ouch.

Amelia is on leave and she’s still not talking to Link, who is sick. Maggie has to thwart an awkward moment in the lounge with Teddy and Tom. There’s a big secret hanging over everyone’s heads. Meanwhile, Levi has lost track of a patient in the hospital. Jo tells Levi to go find his girl and Alex while he’s at it.

Richard has a new intern, played by Beanie Feldstein. Richard takes an instant liking to Tess and even invites her to do a surgery with him. She’s about to start cutting when Levi runs in. Tess is his missing patient! Tess explains everything. She has cancer and was once a medical student. She wanted to live her dream for just one day. Richard advises her to keep trying. If she can beat cancer, she can get through medical school. Richard also makes a startling confession: he may have Parkinson’s disease.

DeLuca gets back with the liver and his hands are almost completely frozen. Avery tells DeLuca that he could lose his hands if they don’t act quickly. While taking a bit of a break, Teddy opens up to Tom about her feelings. She admits that she’s afraid there’s still something between Owen and Amelia. She thinks her life is about to be turned upside down. Tom assures Teddy that Owen loves her. He’s seen the way Owen looks at her.

Later, Teddy confronts Maggie about the feeling she can’t shake. She knows something is up and asks Maggie if she’s overreacting. “You’re not crazy,” Maggie says before walking away. Jackson and Vic make up after their first fight, while Levi tries to talk to Nico about how he’s bottling things up. Nico gets defensive and says that Levi keeps trying to change him. Nico is about to walk away but he quickly patches things up. But there’s a look on Levi’s face that proves he’s not so sure this is going to end well.

The episode ends with Teddy going to Tom’s place and kissing him. Ben comes home to find Joey and Tuck playing video games together. Jo is at home alone and hears a knock on the door. It’s Link. She thought he was going to be Alex. That’s when Jo makes a shocking confession: “He left me.” Link says there’s no way. “I think he did,” Jo continues. “I think he woke up one day and felt the need to escape his life and me. I called his mom. He wasn’t there. He’d never been there. He left me. And I can’t, I can’t, I can’t breathe.” She finally breaks down in tears over the crumbling of her relationship.

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