Georgetown senior loses ‘thousands of dollars’ in Google gift card scam

Georgetown senior loses ‘thousands of dollars’ in Google gift card scam

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Halton police are reminding residents to be vigilant and protect themselves from fraudulent phone scams.

The warning comes after a senior in Georgetown lost “thousands of dollars” over the course of two days.

Police say a man called the woman and told her he worked for the security department of her bank and her credit card had been compromised.

The scammer gave specific instructions to the woman to attend three different pharmacies in Halton Hills and purchase thousands of dollars in Google gift cards.

The man told the woman to tell the store clerks she was buying gift cards for a wedding.

When the woman returned home, she was instructed to reveal the code on the back of each card. “Due to the fact most gift cards are activated at the point of purchase, they were rendered worthless shortly after the scammer received the codes,” said police in a news release.

Police are reminding residents financial institutions, security departments and law enforcement agencies will never ask clients or the general public to directly assist in fraud investigations involving their own accounts, especially over the phone.

Seniors should be especially vigilant because scammers often take advantage of their well-intent to assist. Families should ensure their elderly relatives are aware of such scams.

If you suspect such a scam over the phone, hang up and report the issue to your financial institution using their support number on the back of your card.

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