First responders could get free 5G for 10 years from T-Mobile

If merger with Sprint closes, the “New T-Mobile” will provide free service to public and nonprofit law enforcement, fire and EMS agencies that apply

by News Staff

BELLEVUE, Wash. — T-Mobile will offer free 5G to first responders for 10 years if its merger with Sprint closes, CEO John Legere announced Thursday.

Legere said the total savings for all agencies across the country could be as much as $7.7 billion over the next decade, The Verge reported, allowing more funds to be put toward “better pay” and “life-saving tools.”

State and local public and nonprofit fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies are eligible to sign up for the “Connecting Heroes Initiative” on the T-Mobile website.

“We’re talking about connecting every public and nonprofit state and local police fire and EMS agency and every one of their first responders with unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data with the highest network priority,” Legere said.

The offer is contingent on the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint closing next year, and would roll out under the New T-Mobile.

Plans could be subject to line limits, and will only stream video at 480p, according to T-Mobile’s website. Some areas not covered by the New T-Mobile’s network may not be eligible.

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