Fantasy Football Week 2 Stealing Signals: Numbers to know, players to add, trade for, for every game – CBS Sports

Fantasy Football Week 2 Stealing Signals: Numbers to know, players to add, trade for, for every game – CBS Sports

The second data point is always more interesting than the first. 

If a player’s Week 2 stat line doesn’t agree with his Week 1 output, understanding why is integral. Rookies T.J. Hockenson and Josh Jacobs went from big debuts to quieter Week 2 performances. Where do their rest of season expectations sit?

When Week 2 backs up Week 1, we very well might be seeing the start of a trend — Lamar Jackson should be near the top of every rest of season quarterback ranking. But that is not guaranteed, as we’re still dealing with a very small sample — T.Y. Hilton and Derrick Henry each backed up two-touchdown Week 1 performances with another in Week 2, but the pace of their offenses adds a layer of concern.

We also had injuries, including significant ones for two franchise quarterbacks and former Super Bowl champions, which matter not just for those who drafted Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger but also the skill position players on both of their offenses. 

It’s a lot to sort out, so let’s go through it game by game. For Week 2, I’ll reference the Week 1 article liberally. This is not meant to be a victory lap or condemnation but a reference point that will allow us to cover more ground rather than repeat points. 

Data is typically courtesy of Pro Football Reference, RotoViz, the RotoGrinders Premium Usage App, Always feel free to hit me up on Twitter @YardsPerGretch with any questions about anything I covered or to ask my thoughts on something I glossed over. That is some of my favorite feedback, because it’s often something I’ve missed. Shout out to the followers who noted Rashard Higgins’ injury and Devonta Freeman’s fumble costing him some snaps in Week 1.

Here are some important statistical acronyms to know for Stealing Signals:

Green Zone – Inside the opponent’s 10-yard line.
HVT – High-Value Touches: for running backs, all receptions and all touches inside the 10 yard line. 
TRAP – Trivial Rush Attempt Percentage: for running backs, the percentage of all touches that are not high-value touches. Over the past five seasons league-wide, 75.1% of touches were not high-value. When an individual player has a rate higher than this, his workload is hollow; lower indicates a better chance for Fantasy success.
WOPR – Weighted Opportunity Rating: a metric created by Josh Hermsmeyer, it balances team share of targets and team share of air yards. Because a player’s WOPR is a share of his team’s overall opportunity, it’s important to consider team volume as additional context. 
RACR – Receiver Air Conversion Ratio: also created by Hermsmeyer, RACR is calculated as total receiving yards divided by total air yards. Similar to yards per reception or yards per target, but per air yard instead.

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