Ex-Colts coach Chuck Pagano love for doctors, nurses grows even more in coronavirus era

Ex-Colts coach Chuck Pagano love for doctors, nurses grows even more in coronavirus era

The images that bombard us day after COVID-19 day are chilling, and frightening, and heartbreaking, and Chuck Pagano watches them in isolation with a greater appreciation than most of us for the doctors and nurses and caregivers on the front lines of this merciless, deadly war.

It has been nearly eight years since Pagano, then the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, began what would thankfully prove to be an inspirational life-and-death fight against acute promyelocytic leukemia. It’s a battle that after years of outpatient chemotherapy rounds and vigilance has ended in remission.

And all these years later, Pagano, 59, is the Bears defensive coordinator at a time when the brave hospital soldiers need to be CHUCKSTRONG with their own lives on the line every single day.

“Until you’re put into a certain situation and faced with some circumstances,” Pagano told The Post from Chicago, “you may not have an appreciation. … I think we all from afar see the first responders through this crisis, that are putting their lives in jeopardy right now to help others.

“Going through my set of circumstances, my leukemia treatment back in 2012, they were … what a godsend, and how vital and how important they were to my recovery, my treatment protocol, my process, all that stuff.

“I can remember back in the first day when I was admitted, and I was told that news … the attitude that they have, the smile that they have on their face … we all understand that the job that they have to do, and the ups and downs and the emotional roller coaster they have to be on.

“But they just lifted me up every single day, encouraged me every single day. They not only took care of me and treated me and did what they had to do from a medical standpoint, with changing the exit fluids and giving me medication, doing vitals, the day-in and day-out stuff. Just how they could brighten your day. They were always so positive and upbeat, regardless of the circumstances.”

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