Donald Trump: U.S. to withhold WHO funding

Donald Trump: U.S. to withhold WHO funding

President Trump said Tuesday the U.S. will put a “powerful hold” on U.S. funding to the World Health Organization, saying it struck a “China-centric” tone as the coronavirus virus unfolded and dragged its feet in declaring a pandemic.

“They could have called it much earlier,” Mr. Trump said. “When they call every shot wrong, that’s no good.”

Mr. Trump said the U.S. pays a disproportionate amount to the public health arm of the U.N., so he wants to see if it’s worth committing the money.

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The president is no fan of spending U.S. dollars around the world instead of at home, but the decision to withhold funding from the WHO amid a global pandemic is likely to spark criticism.

The coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, China, in December and the WHO issued its first situation report on Jan. 20.

WHO declared the situation a pandemic in mid-March. All told, the virus has infected 1.4 million and killed over 81,000.

Mr. Trump has blamed China for failing to sound the alarm but has shifted his aim toward the WHO in recent days.

Through it all, he has spoken positively about Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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