Donald Trump: ‘No role’ in Thomas Modly resignation

Donald Trump: ‘No role’ in Thomas Modly resignation

President Trump said Tuesday that he had “no role” in the resignation of acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly.

“I would not have asked him…I did not speak to him,” Mr. Trump said at the daily coronavirus task force briefing at the White House. “That was a very unselfish thing for him to do. He didn’t have to resign but he felt it would be better for the country.”

He added, “I had heard he did because he didn’t want to cause any disturbance for our country.”

Mr. Modly resigned after firing the commanding officer of the USS Roosevelt, Capt. Brett Crozier, for making public his pleas for help for crew members who have the COVID-19 disease. He apologized to the crew after calling Capt. Crozier’s decision to send a letter requesting assistance “naive” and “stupid.”

The president said Capt. Crozier, who also became infected, “should not have written a letter.”

“He didn’t have to be Ernest Hemingway, he made a mistake. He had a bad day,” the president said. “You’re the captain of a great ship and you shouldn’t be writing letters and sending [it to] too many people, and then it gets up to the media.”

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