Cybercurrency: What the Tesla Cybertruck will really cost to build

Cybercurrency: What the Tesla Cybertruck will really cost to build

In preparing our extensive coverage of Tesla’s highly disruptive Cybertruck, we noted its almost completely flat, 3mm-thick stainless body panels would save a bundle on tooling, but because we’re not auto-company cost accountants, we didn’t put exact numbers on that potential cost savings. Recently I had the pleasure of serving on an Autoline Detroit discussion panel with Sandy Munro. His company Munro & Associates, Inc. of Auburn Hills, Michigan, is in the business of competitive teardown and analysis. A couple of years ago, we reported on Munro’s 6,000-man-hour study of the Model 3.

Sandy has yet to feast his eyes directly on the Cybertruck, let alone his tape measures, pry bars, spot-weld drillers, etc. But his team has examined the piles of photos and videos posted by MotorTrend, Tesla, and others, and come up with some great back-of-the-napkin numbers that are far better informed than we or anyone else on this side of the business is likely to come up with. And just for the record, he’s a fan of the basic design because it’ll take him silently into the woods for deer hunting, while its thick, stainless-steel bodywork harmlessly can fend off potential scratches and dings way better than his Wrangler Rubicon’s painted body can. Continue reading in the gallery above.

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