Couple used potato gun to launch drugs into jail: cops

Two people in Canada were arrested for allegedly using a potato gun to launch a bevy of drugs into a jail, a report said.

The suspects, a 29-year-old woman and 18-year-old man, were caught by cops on Sunday outside of the Saskatoon Provincial Correctional Centre, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The authorities recovered from the duo 28 grams of marijuana, three grams of cannabis shatter, and seven grams of crystal meth. They also had a potato gun, the report said.

Cops believe the two used the potato gun, which is a pipe-based cannon that’s usually fired with air pressure, to shoot the drugs over the jail’s fence.

The duo tried to flee in a van, but they were caught after crashing into three police cars, CBC reported. Nobody was injured in the collision.

Both suspects are facing numerous charges, including trafficking crystal meth and distributing cannabis to an institution.

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