Climate Crusader Campaign Against Chemical Companies Divides Law Firms

Climate Crusader Campaign Against Chemical Companies Divides Law Firms

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And it’s backed by Hollywood elites.

An environmental attorney with a history of crusading against oil companies is kickstarting a campaign targeting major chemical companies, according to a watchdog group.

  • A Hollywood filmmaker who produced a big-budget film criticizing chemical producers is also associated with an ongoing crusade targeting companies that activists believe are poisoning people. 

  • One legal analyst suggested the lawyers who are targeting chemical companies are likely stoking “hysteria” that causes “anxiety among the population.” 

One of the attorneys who is targeting oil companies over climate change is doing the same against chemical manufacturers as activists start another crusade, according to memos a watchdog group obtained.

Environmental lawyer Matt Pawa contacted the Connecticut’s attorney general’s office in August about suing major chemical companies for supposedly using toxic chemicals on their products, emails Energy Policy Advocates obtained show. Pawa was one of the chief attorneys who actively recruited public officials to sue ExxonMobil and other oil companies.

The watchdog group gave the Daily Caller News Foundation exclusive access to the email memos.

Pawa told Connecticut Assistant Attorney General Matthew Levine in an Aug. 22 email that he filed a similar lawsuit targeting major chemical companies on behalf of Vermont’s attorney general’s office. Vermont, for its part, reportedly sued in 2018 to conceal aspects of a 2016 fundraiser that was reportedly orchestrated to discuss how states might engage in climate lawsuits, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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