Carryn Owens: Everything To Know About The Heartbroken Widow At Trump’s Speech

Carryn Owens: Everything To Know About The Heartbroken Widow At Trump’s Speech, Who Is Carryn Owens


So heartbreaking! Carryn Owens got the biggest applause of the night at Donald Trump’s speech before a joint session of Congress. She just lost her Navy Seal husband Ryan during a raid in Yemen, and broke down in tears when the President paid tribute to the hero. Here’s what we know about Carryn.

What a moment! Newly widowed Carryn Owens became the most lauded person during President Donald Trump‘s Feb. 28 address before a joint session of Congress. She had a seat of honor next to First Daughter Ivanka Trump, 35, and is someone who the president admires greatly. “We are blessed to be with Carryn Owens, the wife of Senior Chief William Ryan Owens. Ryan died as he lived, a warrior and a hero battling against terrorism and securing our nation,” he announced and the entire chamber turned to give her the longest applause of the night.

Carryn clasped her hands and looked to the sky, mouthing “I love you, baby,” as tears streamed down her face. The applause lasted so long — 1 minute and 41 seconds — as her loss was something that legislators from both sides of the aisle could get together and mourn. Unlike Ryan’s father Bill, Carryn was willing to meet with the president as her husband’s remains were flown home from Yemen. Donald was able to relay to her in front of the world that her husband’s life mattered and her response showed she was so appreciative of his praise for Ryan’s sacrifice.

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The exchange between Donald and Carryn was so powerful that it even caused some pundits to say it was his first big presidential moment. He seemed like a true leader in such an authentic exchange, as Carryn’s tears were so real. Even though Ryan’s parents are still angry with Donald for the loss of their son, his wife was willing to stand front and center at Donald’s speech in his honor. She even got a personal embrace from the president following his big speech.

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