Cardi B Snuggles Baby Kulture, 1, While Dishing On ‘Licking’ Offset ‘Up & Down’ & More — Watch

Cardi B Snuggles Baby Kulture, 1, While Dishing On ‘Licking’ Offset ‘Up & Down’ & More — Watch

No question off limits! Cardi B sat down for Vogue’s 73 Questions series where she shared details on everything from motherhood, fashion and hearing herself on the radio for the first time.

Cardi B, 27, offered a peak into her fascinating life with her latest interview that she gave to Vogue. Cardi sat down — or, rather, moved around her grandmother’s home — with the outlet to answer 73 questions for the magazine’s video series. Every question was fair game, and Cardi provided some very honest responses. Before things got too spicy, Cardi got very real about motherhood. When asked what is the biggest lesson she has learned from being a mother, Cardi responded, “That you’re never really on time. Things don’t go as you plan, never,” she said through giggles. To make the interview that much cuter, Cardi cradled a sleeping Kulture for the first half of the interview!

But the one-year-old’s brief moment in the spotlight quickly wound down, as Cardi placed her gently on a blanket so Kulture could continue on with her nap while Cardi kept going with the interview. While the conversation got more playful, as Cardi dished on her favorite designers — of which she “loves them all” — the Grammy winner revealed how excited she was when she first heard herself on the radio. “I was here in New York in the car like, ‘Ah that’s me!’” she confessed.

Since her first time on the radio, Cardi has amassed legions of fans, including her husband, Offset, 27. Speaking of which, Cardi even called her beloved during the interview! “He’s in LA,” Cardi shared while picking up her phone to call the Migos frontman. “He’s been working so hard out there,” she added. When posed what her favorite quality about Offset was, she shared, “Everything. I love that man. I want to lick him up and down all day!” Though the response was a bit shocking, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper did get serious, sharing, “I love that I feel secure with him.”

As Offset was on the FaceTime, he shared Cardi’s best and worse qualities, before asking “How much you love me, girl?” To which Cardi replied that she loves him “bigger than my a**.” But from her marriage, Cardi has learned a lot including that “if you can love somebody no matter what, you can work it [any problems] out.” Fans love getting to see all the various sides of Cardi B, and this interview definitely previewed them all!

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