Cardi B Shocks In Skintight Black Dress & Face Mask Completely Covered In Keys — Watch

Cardi B Shocks In Skintight Black Dress & Face Mask Completely Covered In Keys — Watch

Cardi B has completely upped her style game during Paris Fashion Week. She donned a skin-tight black dress covered in metal keys with a matching face mask and hat, showing only her eyes and mouth.

No one is going to invade Cardi B‘s privacy in this outfit! The 27-year-old rap sensation is attending Paris Fashion Week has managed to top yesterday’s PFW outfit of a skimpy sheer bodysuit. She went in the opposite direction on Jan. 17, as she was literally covered head to toe in black fabric with her unique gown. The skin-tight dress featured various metal keys — the kind you’d open a lock with — as well as chains and other metallic objects hanging off of the gown. They made loud jingles as she shared a video of her look to her Instagram. She even had a round, key-covered handbag that completely matched the dress.

The most intriguing part of her outfit was that it didn’t have a neckline. Instead the dress went all the way over the top of her head, forming a tight black face mask. Thus, her hair was also hidden underneath the gown. Only Cardi’s eyes and red-lipped mouth were visible, as the rest of her face was covered in the stretchy-looking fabric. The mask featured little white sequins just underneath Cardi’s eyes, and metallic details in the fabric on the back of her head. She wore a black beret as a nod to being in France, and the simple hat somehow managed to totally work with the rest of her wild outfit.

In the video where Cardi gave a 360 view of her look, she told fans, “What’s up motherf**kers, it’s me Cardi B and I’m out here in Paris, f**king on my n***a and eating some snails. I’ll see you Americans later.” She then gave a wave with her long red fingernails, as the long-sleeved gown’s fabric went all the way past the palms of her hands. She then turned and walked down a hallway, jingling from all of the keys on her and showed a sexy knee-high slit up the back of the dress.

“Word that describe this Paris trip. Good food, fashion, laughs and passion,” Cardi captioned the video, also crediting the gown’s designer Marine Serre. The super covered up look is a complete 180 from what she wore to the Laundered Works Corp show designed by her husband Offset on Jan. 16. For that occasion, Cardi donned a sheer bodysuit with just a black bra and underwear underneath it. She wore a heavy faux fur black coat and donned another black mask covering her entire head. That one featured silver sequins and showed only her eyes. Cardi is absolutely killing it at PFW, and we have a feeling she’s going to keep upping the style stakes as the days go by.

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