Brian Fallon Chronicles Kicking an Addiction in New Song ’21 Days’

Brian Fallon Chronicles Kicking an Addiction in New Song ’21 Days’

Brian Fallon smokes his last cigarette in the new song “21 Days.” The latest track released off his upcoming third solo album Local Honey, it chronicles the New Jersey songwriter’s attempt to kick nicotine and casts the drug as a long-lost friend or lover.

“I miss you most in the morning/we used to talk over coffee,” he writes and sings. “Now I’m gonna have to find another friend.” It’s a seemingly mundane topic — at least to those who never tried to quit smoking — but Fallon, the singer for cathartic rockers the Gaslight Anthem, makes it riveting as he ticks off the days until he will no longer feel the craving.

Local Honey, the follow-up to 2018’s Sleepwalkers, will be released March 27th and showcases a softer, more intimate side of Fallon. Produced by Peter Katis, the LP was announced with the first single “You Have Stolen My Heart.”

“Every single song is about right now. There’s nothing on this record that has to do with the past or even the future, it just has to do with the moments that are presented and things that I’ve learned and I’m finding in my day to day,” Fallon said in a statement. “It’s just about life and how I see it.”

Fallon will launch a tour in support of the album on March 12th in Wilmington, Delaware.

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