Bomb-making Bronx, NY brothers plead guilty

Bomb-making Bronx, NY brothers plead guilty

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Twin brothers pleaded guilty Monday to plotting to build a bomb in their Bronx apartment that could have caused “great damage,” prosecutors said.

Tyler Toro and Christian Toro, both 28, each face a maximum of 25 years in prison for three charges related to their bizarre plan, which they allegedly dubbed “Operation Flash.”

Authorities said Christian, a former special ed teacher at Democracy Prep Harlem High School, enlisted students to help dismantle fireworks and stash the explosive powder inside for a bomb. He allegedly paid the students $50 an hour.

“As admitted in court today, Christian Toro and Tyler Toro sought to build a destructive device that could have caused great damage. Christian Toro used a minor student to assist him in this endeavor,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said.

Authorities raided the Toros’ apartment in February and found bomb-making materials — including a mixture of iron oxide and and aluminum powder which could be used to make thermite, a pyrotechnic metal powder, as well as metal spheres.

The search also found the possessed a glass jar containing “explosive powder,” a cardboard box containing firecrackers, about 20 pounds of iron oxide, and five pounds of potassium nitrate, which can be used to make gunpowder or fireworks.

On his school laptop, Christian had downloaded a book that included instructions for making explosive devices, prosecutors say.

A diary labeled with Christian Toros’s name included lines like, “We are twin Toros strike us now, we will return with nano thermite” and “I am here 100%, living, buying weapons. Whatever we need,” prosecutors said.

A ledger labeled “Operation Flash,” listed hours worked and money owed to a student at Democracy Prep, according to prosecutors.

The twins will be sentenced on March 26.

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