Biden echoes Obama to distinguish his healthcare plan from Bernie – Washington Examiner

Biden echoes Obama to distinguish his healthcare plan from Bernie – Washington Examiner

Former Vice President Joe Biden contrasted his healthcare plan to fellow presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and said people would be allowed to keep their private insurers, evoking a promise once made by President Barack Obama regarding Obamacare.

After releasing a healthcare plan that builds off Obamacare, Biden pushed to clarify to reporters Thursday that his plan is different than that of Sanders and other candidates, who support undoing the private health insurance system in favor of a government-run plan.

“Read the plan. I’m not criticizing Bernie. It’s just everybody should know the Medicare plan that will replace existing Medicare, it’s not the same plan,” Biden said. “It doesn’t mean it’s not good or bad or different, but it’s different. It’s not the same plan.”

Biden’s plan would give people the option to forgo private insurance in favor of a government plan akin to Medicare.

“Under the proposal I have, you would be able to keep your insurance with your employer if your employer is still prepared to pay for the insurance,” he explained.

In terms of Sanders, who favors socialized medicine, Biden said that he doesn’t agree with the Vermont senator’s idea for healthcare but respects his views.

“It’s a legitimate position to take, I just disagree with it,” Biden said.

Sen. Kamala Harris also claimed Wednesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live that, under the proposed Medicare For All legislation she co-sponsored, ” you can keep your doctor under that system” in the vast majority of cases.

Obama and members of his administration repeatedly claimed that those who liked their healthcare coverage plan would not be affected by Obamacare.

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