Beto O’Rourke should face it: Dem voters are just not that into him – Washington Examiner

Beto O’Rourke should face it: Dem voters are just not that into him – Washington Examiner

It’s taken for granted that whatever trite thing Beto O’Rourke says will be described by the Washington Post as “emotional.” But with that aside, it’s time he reckon with the fact that Democratic voters are just not that into him.

He can think of it like a breakup, but rather than with a romantic partner, it’s with his hopes for the party’s presidential nomination.

The failed U.S. Senate candidate and former Texas representative on Thursday attempted to once again reset his bid for the White House by shutting down pleas for him to instead run for a different public office and by insisting that he will now run a different kind of campaign.

Now he’ll do what no Democrat has done before: He’ll criticize President Trump!

The Washington Post’s Jenna Johnson, naturally, called O’Rourke’s reset an “emotional 30-minute speech” wherein the candidate said he would go “where Donald Trump has been terrorizing and terrifying and demeaning our fellow Americans.”

So he’ll continue his lackluster campaign that stands for nothing other than its opposition to Trump. Maybe someone should tell O’Rourke that there’s already a movement in place for that. It’s called “the resistance” and it started long before the national press started comparing him to a Kennedy (incidentally, not the drunk-driving one) and convincing him that he was special.

Here’s one of those memorable and “emotional” lines from O’Rourke’s reset speech: While putting to rest rumors he might abandon his current campaign to instead run for Senate, he said, “that would not be good enough for this community, that would not be good enough for El Paso, that would not be good enough for this country.”

Because what El Paso and the country apparently need is O’Rourke running for president, sitting at less than 3% in national polls.

The whole production really is like when a woman hasn’t quite figured out that she’s been a girlfriend of convenience. Her friends on the outside watch as she makes an endless series of excuses for why she truly believes she can make the relationship work, even as everyone else knows that it’s just not going to happen because the other party involved isn’t interested.

It’s time for O’Rourke to give it up. Democratic voters just aren’t that into him.

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