Bethenny Frankel Teases A Possible Return To ‘RHONY’ & Fans Want Answers: ‘This Year?’

Bethenny Frankel Teases A Possible Return To ‘RHONY’ & Fans Want Answers: ‘This Year?’

Bethenny Frankel dropped a major clue about her next career move, and ‘RHONY’ fans are looking at the tweet as a beacon of hope.

Bethenny Frankel, 48, took her leave from The Real Housewives of New York City after Season 11 wrapped, but she’s not leaving television all together! The former Bravo star made sure everyone knew this after a fan tweeted on Oct. 8, “@Bethenny still in total denial that you aren’t returning to #RHONY. You ARE that show.” Bethenny offered reassurance via a tweet, replying, “You’re too kind. I will be gracing your ? soon.” Bethenny didn’t say which television show she’d be “gracing,” but the TV emoji was enough to set off a commotion in her Twitter mentions.

“Soon, I hope!” one fan tweeted in reaction to news of Bethenny’s impending return to the small screen. Other fans declared they would no longer tune into RHONY if Bethenny’s not on the cast. “If you not on the show ain’t no point of watching,” one such viewer tweeted, while another fan wrote, “Cannot imagine this show without Bethenny. I stopped watching last time she left and came back when she did. So whenever The B bounces, I follow!” Bethenny joined the show in its inaugural season, but temporarily left between Seasons 4-6 before returning for Seasons 7-11.

Other fans wondered if she’d be joining a different branch of the Real Housewives. Despite Bethenny’s tease on Twitter, the Bravo star has relocated from the Big Apple to Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood! Unfortunately, RHOB isn’t a thing — regardless, some fans couldn’t help but cross their fingers. “I sure hope so! That would be so awesome if you went to another RHW,” one such person tweeted.

While Bethenny hasn’t voiced any intentions of returning to the Real Housewives franchise, the Skinnygirl founder announced that she’d be focused on her “production partnership with Mark Burnett” by “producing and starring in shows which represent a shift in the conversation for women,” which she wrote in her farewell statement to RHONY that HollywoodLife obtained on Aug. 21. These shows will be “unscripted” — Mr. Burnett is the producer behind shows like The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and Shark Tank — according to a March report from our sister website, Deadline. We learned even more intel about these future TV projects from a source close to Bethenny, who spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife in Aug. 2019!

“She would love to focus on projects that really focus on her life as a successful entrepreneur and the struggles that that entails,” the insider told us. “She is looking forward to having a new and different conversation with women to help them reach their potential.” Our source further added, “She has other avenues of entertainment to pursue and other places where she wants so focus her time on camera. She has grown. She values herself differently as a woman and she is making tough decisions every day as a business woman and a mother.”

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