America’s 100 most visible companies ranked by reputation

America’s 100 most visible companies ranked by reputation

We are a consumer nation. Every day, we are surrounded by ads and commercials, asking for our money. Especially with products that are similar, the difference in a buy may fall to how we feel about the brand.

A business’s reputation could be one of the most important factors to success that a brand can control, according to Harvard Business Review. “Firms with strong positive reputations attract better people,” Robert G. Eccles et al. wrote in 2007. “They are perceived as providing more value, which often allows them to charge a premium. Their customers are more loyal and buy broader ranges of products and services. Because the market believes that such companies will deliver sustained earnings and future growth, they have higher price-earnings multiples and market values and lower costs of capital.”

Now, in the age of “unicorns,” or privately owned tech companies that are valued at over one billion dollars,  sometimes with few physical assets to show for it, reputation is more important than ever. As Eccles et al. write, “Moreover, in an economy where 70% to 80% of market value comes from hard-to-assess intangible assets such as brand equity, intellectual capital, and goodwill, organizations are especially vulnerable to anything that damages their reputations.”

Stacker has consulted the report created by Axios and the Harris Poll to present a list ranking the 100 most visible companies in America by their reputations. The Axios Harris Poll 100 is a detailed survey of Americans adults, asking which companies have the best reputations according to criteria such as “good culture,” “vision,” and “ethics.”

Every year, the survey is conducted in two parts. For 2019, first, 6,118 adults were asked to identify the two best and worst publicly visible companies. Second, a separate group of 18,228 adults was shown the list of the 100 companies that were the most popular responses from the first part. In a 20-minute interview, the respondents were questioned on the two companies they knew the best. Each company had at least 300 respondents grading it. The companies were then ranked from 1 to 100 based on their average reputation scores.

It was found that the businesses that have products we use every day are trusted the most. Grocery stores, for example, frequented by most Americans on a weekly or a semi-weekly basis, were the highest-ranking industry on the list, followed by online retailers and electronics manufacturers.

Click ahead to learn which grocery store topped the list, and which big tech company crashed to No. 94. 

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