Allan Houston pushed hard for Mike Miller’s Knicks chance

Allan Houston, the Knicks former assistant general manager and now the GM of the Westchester Knicks, pushed hard to have Mike Miller considered to be the interim coach following David Fizdale’s firing.

Houston has been with Miller since he was hired five seasons ago to coach the G-League team when Phil Jackson was president. Miller successfully ran the triangle for Jackson, then adapted when Jackson was let go.

Houston lost power in the organization once Jackson was hired, but his status might be moving up, especially if president Steve Mills and GM Scott Perry are eventually fired. Houston has watched most of Miller’s G-League games.

Late last season, when Fizdale was asked if he would attempt shore up his staff by hiring a defensive assistant, Fizdale said he thought he was good with what he had. Apparently, the organization disagreed and Miller got the promotion to assistant coach — perhaps with this moment in mind.

Craig Robinson, Executive VP of Player Development, also oversees the Westchester Knicks. Interestingly, both Robinson and Houston traveled with the team to Milwaukee for the 44-point loss.

Miller cobbled together a 108-92 four-season record in Westchester in four seasons.

Allan Houston; Mike Miller
Allan Houston; Mike MillerCharles Wenzelberg, Getty

Knicks rookie RJ Barrett’s percentages are on the decline and he was particularly awful during the Milwaukee/Denver atrocities. He has fallen below 40 percent — shooting 39.6 percent overall, 30.9 from 3 and 53.3 percent from the line.

Barrett won’t blame teams paying extra attention to him when he gets to the basket. He says he’s missing shots that he made earlier in the season.

“I have no clue,’’ Barrett said. “It happens. Slumps happen. I wouldn’t even say I’m in a slump. I just didn’t make certain shots that I can make and as the year goes on, watch, I’m going to get hot and you guys are going to be like, ‘Oh, what’s the difference now, you got hot?’ Well I just made the same shots I was missing before. It’s just a matter of missing and making shots. It’s just what it is every year.’’

Damyean Dotson, after dislocating his pinky Thursday and being in agony on the court for several seconds, was ready to return Saturday against Indiana. Dotson went for a steal and got his pinky bent in an odd angle. Trainers attempted to put it back into place on the court but it was too complicated. Dotson was writhing in pain and put the finger behind his back.

“I didn’t want to look at it no more,’’ Dotson said. “I just wanted them to put it back in place and keep moving. It didn’t work. It was too out of place. They popped in back in place in the back but they had to numb it a little bit.’’

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