Alicia Vikander wants Angelina Jolie cameo in ‘Tomb Raider 2’

Alicia Vikander wants Angelina Jolie cameo in ‘Tomb Raider 2’

The star was speaking exclusively to NME about her new film ‘Earthquake Bird’

It’s hard to imagine an action hero more iconic than Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft AKA Tomb Raider. The pistol-whippin archaeologist wowed early-noughties audiences with a pair of action-packed thrillers even Michael Bay would have thought epic. It’s weird, then, that she hasn’t been seen on screens since 2003. Well hold on to your hats adventurers, because there’s a new Lazza C in town. Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander is the actor stepping into Jolie’s sweaty combat boots and you can expect to catch her best effort in cinemas as early as this spring. As a famous explorer once said, “everything lost is meant to be found.”

Release date: March 16

Alicia Vikander has stated her desire to have Angelina Jolie appear in the upcoming Lara Croft film Tomb Raider 2.

The star was speaking exclusively to NME about her new film Earthquake Bird, at karaoke sessions in Tokyo with her fellow cast members and her excitement for her return as Lara Croft.

“I’m actually very excited,” Vikander told NME of returning as the hero a second time round. “Ben Wheatley is directing, and Amy Jump is writing the script. It’s all gearing up now, which means I’m going to be back in London, which is fun. And the training! That’s gonna come too… I’m thrilled.”

Asked about a potential cameo from Angelina Jolie in the film, Vikander said: “I wouldn’t mind! I adore Angelina, so we’ll see… We should definitely ask.”

Watch the full interview above.

Alicia Vikander

Alicia Vikander

Vikander recently played the protagonist in I Am Easy To Find, the new film that accompanied the eighth record by indie rockers The National.

NME recently spoke to the band’s frontman Matt Berninger and director Mike Mills about the film. “Seeing the film with Alicia, I think I started really empathising not just with her character but all of the other characters,” Berninger said. “I started to feel like I was really writing from the husband and the father. I have a 10-year-old daughter, so I started writing from that perspective. A bunch of new songs bloomed that were just inspired by the film.”

Berninger continued: “Somebody asked me recently if I see the character in the film as genderless, and I said no. I don’t necessarily feel that gender is at all the point. A lot of people asked us if this record was an attempt to have more of a feminine perspective. It probably has that, but it was not necessarily what we were trying to do. It was about what a person is.

“Mike decided that he wanted Alicia to embody this, but I was very much empathising a lot with that character when I was writing. Maybe that’s because I sympathise with my daughter so much and I don’t feel that separated from her fears and needs. I understand all of her anxieties because I feel like I gave them to her. I passed them on, like ‘You’re welcome’.”

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