Alabama man invites cops to help mow lawns of vets, elderly in all 50 states

Alabama man invites cops to help mow lawns of vets, elderly in all 50 states

An Alabama man has come up with a creative way to bring police officers closer to their communities.

Rodney Smith Jr. has already traveled to all 50 states to mow lawns for free, and now he plans on performing the feat again for his next cause.

Smith previously set himself the goal of mowing at least one lawn in each state for an elderly person, a disabled person, a single parent or a veteran. He now is inviting police officers to mow with him.

Smith tweeted Monday that his “Mowing with Cops” tour will start Wednesday in Apopka, Fla.

“The goal is to bring the communities together around those who serve and protect us,” he said on Twitter.

He’s even had a special police-themed mower made, painted black and white and complete with emergency lights.

Smith was inspired to begin a free yard mowing service in 2015 after seeing an elderly man cutting his lawn.

Rodney Smith Jr., seen here in 2016, says he’s traveling across the country again to bring together police officers and their communities. (AP Photo/Jay Reeves, File)


Individual and corporate donations have helped him pay for hotel rooms and other expenses.

“I’m just a man on a mission by God, fulfilling all his work,” Smith told Fox 17 News when he stopped in Nashville in June 2018.

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