Air Support Provided for Hit-and-Run DUI Dad with Baby on Board

Air Support Provided for Hit-and-Run DUI Dad with Baby on Board

POMONA – When a man under the influence took off with his one-year-old child in the minivan at 8 PM on 02/18/2020, his wife did the logical thing. She called law enforcement.

Life-endangering to the baby on board – and to anyone in the immediate vicinity of South Pomona and beyond – the driver, Anthony Michael Trejo (29) of Chino, carried on in an altered state. “Several police officers searched the area for his Honda mini-van,” said Lt. Eddie Vazquez.

At first, a police pursuit seemed to be the answer to this potentially harmful ride. “The suspect was observed driving the vehicle in the area of Reservoir Street and County Road,” said Lt. Vazquez. “A slow speed pursuit was initiated and the suspect pulled over for a short time.”

“The suspect eventually fled the scene” said Lt. Lopez, “and increased his speeds while driving through Red Lights with a complete disregard for the public’s safety.” As time went on, and a few hit-and-runs took place, Air Support was enlisted from above to save the lives of the baby on board and the community.

Three minor Hit & Run traffic collisions happened during the pursuit, and one felony Hit & Run with a minor injury occurred after the end of the pursuit. Soon after, the suspect’s vehicle was found on the 700 Block of Washington.

Pomona PD immediately located the remarkably uninjured child in the minivan. The suspect, who’d fled on foot to a nearby street, was captured a short while later.

A medical exam, followed by transport to the Pomona Jail was given to Vazquez prior to booking. The following crime charges were handed out as well:
* Felony DUI
* Felony Child Endangerment
* Felony Hit & Run w/ Injury
* Felony Pursuit
* Misdemeanor Violation of a Restraining Order
* Misdemeanor Driving on a Suspended License
“The intoxicated man was arrested for numerous Felonies related to a police pursuit and collisions with his baby in the van,” added Lt. Vazquez, before urging anyone with information to contact Pomona PD at (909) 620-2155.

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