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E-News.US: Owned by VE1 Ltd a company which acting into many areas, one of these is Domain Name and Hosting Services, from this action, (e-radio.us), we don’t have any profit & we don’t advertise any one or any other product etc., except our e-services and most to promote them to our future users.

E-News.US began before 3 yeasrs for only 7 months  as to promote our share hosting services, (which cost only $1.00/month), as to show how good are and then this simple idea cover our feeling (which we all have), as I want to be informed but I’m just so tired from tens of ads, something like this make us to created this site in a more professional view so to post-upload news but without any ads.

We don’t aiming of any kind of profit from this action and we have no disposal of competition with other Media, officially or not.

Our News Portal temporary retrieve news only from well known websites & portals without any check and we don’t have any responsibility for it’s content or any ability for processing.
If the owner of any kind of content which might publicate from us and there is any problem with that, please contact with our form so to remove it.

VIDEO: We try to do not upload any video from our auto-news-uploading soft-system as for owners rights and as we can’t check them due to many times video news or similar content have violence scenes or inappropriate content etc.

Live Radio Station: We choose to re-stream 181FM.COM which is our favorite e-radio and it’s a radio station with no any ads into their broadcasting, with 181FM.COM we don’t have any connection or cooperation it’s simply on of our favorite e-radios and please visit their site and donate them!!!

We welcome anyone who would like to help, person or organization but should realize first that our philosophy is, human rights, equity, integrity and non-guidance, we want serious and comprehensive coverage of any subject, fact, which always shall contains the viewpicture of all sides, especially on matters that do not concern simple daily routine events.

Thank you for your time, E-News.US mail to:info@e-news.us or contact with 3-www.net

We reply to all mail-messages with much delay & some times can take more 1 month.

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