A 3D Tour of How the Senate Was Transformed for the Impeachment Trial

A 3D Tour of How the Senate Was Transformed for the Impeachment Trial A 3D Tour of How the Senate Was Transformed for the Impeachment Trial – The New York Times

45 Democrats and two independents sitting on the west side of the chamber and 53 Republicans on the east side.”},{“caption”:”During the trial, members may not stand, talk or use phones or tablets, as is normally allowed in the chamber. Senate pages, high school students appointed as helpers, relay written messages.”},{“caption”:”Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is presiding from the seat at the center of the rostrum, the chamber’s marble and wood platform.”},{“caption”:”He is surrounded by clerks, secretaries, the sergeant-at-arms and the Senate parliamentarian, his adviser during the trial.”,”offset”:”10″},{“caption”:”Seven House managers and their staff members sit at one of the curved tables built before President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. They were brought out of storage last week.”},{“caption”:”At the other table is Mr. Trump’s defense team, led by Pat A. Cipollone, the White House counsel, and Jay Sekulow, a personal lawyer for the president.”},{“caption”:”A podium and four video monitors have been set up for those presenting their cases.”},{“caption”:”Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, and Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, are seated in the front row of member desks.”,”offset”:”-25″},{“caption”:”Government employees control video cameras that provide a feed to C-SPAN. This is the only view of the trial available to the public, because photos and video are not allowed in the chamber.”,”offset”:”-25″},{“caption”:”At any time during the trial, lawmakers may turn off the C-SPAN feed and clear the chamber of spectators to deliberate in a closed session.”,”offset”:”-25″},{“caption”:”Viewing galleries line the second tier of the chamber, with seats designated for guests of the Senate, for the press and for the public.”,”offset”:”-25″},{“caption”:”Press gallery rules have been tightened for the trial, with tickets required for seats and an additional screening added to ensure no electronic devices are brought into the chamber.”,”offset”:”-25″,”mobile-offset”:”-25″},{“caption”:”On display along the gallery walls are the busts of 20 vice presidents, whose constitutional duties included serving as presidents of the Senate.”},{“caption”:”The bust of Andrew Johnson, who was vice president for six weeks before Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, is in the southeast corner. Johnson became the first of only three U.S. presidents to face an impeachment trial in this chamber.”}]}”>


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