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Number 5 might surprise you!

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1.Goelitz Confectionary Co. manufactured and distributed the candy under the name “Chicken Feed” in 1898.
2. The National Confectioners Association took a survey in 2013, and 42.7% of respondents eat a whole piece at once, starting with the narrow white end first.
3. In America, most things can be fried, and Candy Corn is no exception. Amy Erickson has a spooktacular recipe on her food blog, ‘Oh Bite It!.’
4. Westallion Brewing Company in Wisconsin serves up a Candy Corn Cream Ale and claims the brew is “Not overly sweet and very well balanced.”
5. 19 pieces add up to 28 grams of sugar, which is comparable to an entire can of Coca-Cola.
6. Oct 30, the day before Halloween, has been named National Candy Corn Day — so don’t forget to stock up!

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