6 mediocre NFL teams that could make playoff push

6 mediocre NFL teams that could make playoff push

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Let me start this off by saying that any of these teams making the playoffs is unlikely. They have to be perfect — or near-perfect — from here on out. Then again, that’s why we watch football. We watch because something crazy tends to happen every season. If the rest of the season played out how we currently think it will, that’s pretty boring. So let’s talk about the teams that could make things exciting.

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Los Angeles Rams

Current Record: 7-5

The Rams could lose a game and still get in if the Vikings collapse and fall to 10-6 — at least according to the permutations I put in the playoff machine. To do so, the Rams will have to win two out of three against the Seahawks, Cowboys, and Niners.

It’s a longshot, but it’s not impossible. This is the same team that went to the Super Bowl last year. Maybe it’s time for Todd Gurley to wake up. Maybe their thrashing of the Cardinals shook loose memories of their 2018 season. The Rams defense is good enough to keep games close. Now it’s time for the offense to show even a slight resemblance to last year’s team.

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Chicago Bears

Current Record: 6-6

Yes, the Bears are still in the playoff hunt. The Bears would need the Rams to not finish 10-6 for there to be a chance, but there’s still a chance in Chicago.

Of course, the Bears would have to beat the Cowboys, Packers, Chiefs, and Vikings so they might have a better chance of going 6-10.

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Oakland Raiders

Current Record 6-6

The Titans — we will get to them later — and Raiders play in a loser leaves town match in Oakland this Sunday. If the Raiders can defend their home field, they play Jaguars, Chargers, and Broncos. The toughest game there is the Chargers, but that game will be in Los Angeles and that’s essentially a home game for the Raiders.

Yes, the Raiders looked awful last week, but they’ve been up and down all season. If they get back to running the ball and their young defense wakes up they can run the table. 10-6 — and even 9-7 — makes the playoffs in the AFC.

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Tennessee Titans

Current Record: 7-5

The Titans have been revitalized under Ryan Tannehill — I can’t believe those words are real — and not only could make the playoffs but have a chance at the AFC South crown. They play the Texans twice. All they have to do is win those games and beat either the Raiders or Saints and the AFC South is theirs. Yes, that’s weird, but also very true.

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Pittsburgh Steelers

Current Record: 7-5

The only reason the Steelers are on this list is because of their 7-5 record. They would currently be in the playoffs if they started today. They do meet the criteria though so they make the list.

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Cleveland Browns

Current Record: 5-7

The Browns would have to run the table and that means beating the unstoppable Ravens in three weeks. Maybe Baltimore already has the top seed in the AFC clinched by then and they are resting players.

The rest of Cleveland’s schedule is pretty easy. They play the Bengals twice and the Cardinals. They would need help and would need teams above them to lose, but it’s possible. Don’t let Baker Mayfield and the Browns get hot.



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