5 questions with the Marine Corps’ deputy commandant for information

5 questions with the Marine Corps’ deputy commandant for information

Each of the military services are reorganizing under a banner that’s loosely referred to as information warfare.

The Marine Corps’ version of this idea is to follow a concept it is specifically calling “operations in the information environment [OIE].” It is purposefully not using the term “information warfare.”

Lt. Gen. Loretta Reynolds, the Corps’ deputy commandant for information, is taking the lead in this area. She spoke recently with C4ISRNET’s Mark Pomerleau to help unpack the Marines’ information environment concept, explain how it’s different from what other services are doing, and to explore what challenges lie ahead for the information environment.

C4ISRNET: The other services are reorganizing under information warfare. What’s the Marine Corps’ approach?

LT. GEN. LORETTA REYNOLDS: You’ve heard Commandant Gen. [David] Berger talk about the idea that the fight today is an information fight. What does that mean?

I think it means, what is our message, how are we communicating our message, are we aggressive enough with our message, and do we understand how to measure the impact?

It’s like the art and the science of the information fight. The art would be how do you think about influence and are we moving aggressively enough in the right directions. I think the science is the cyber fight; it’s the space fight.

We see our adversaries maneuvering in all these domains right now. They are maneuvering in space. You saw Gen. [Jay] Raymond’s story about what the Russians are doing. Unsafe, unprofessional behavior. What are we going to do about it? We know what the cyber fight has looked like.

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