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E-News.US Domain For Sale Domain Name is for sale

by – Vast Euro1 MEPE

for the amount of $11.500.000 or € 10.000.000.

E-News.US belongs to – Vast Euro1 MEPE which decide to sell it.

If you have real interest to buy this please follow this.

  1. Go to
  2. Open an account as simple client
  3. Open a ticket to express your interest to buy this
  4. Give your full details into your ticket as like company – organization – low office which might involve into this transaction.
  5. Make your offer – give your proposal for this Domain Name or for group of them.
  6. When negotiations are in a final step then ..
  7. You will might needed to provide us a Bank Good Standing that you can afford this or any other amount.  also selling

  • for the amount of $17.250.000 or €15.000.000
  • for the amount of $17.250.000 or €15.000.000

Notes: These prices-amounts do not include any taxes – money transfer cost or any other cost which might added before transaction ends.


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